A Guide to Legal Issues Regarding Cutting Down a Tree

The growing population is the foremost reason for cutting down the trees to set up new colonies. Cutting down the trees requires permission by the law if done otherwise is a punishable offence in some countries. In semi-urban areas, many incidents of cutting wood using a log splitter come up which often lead the person in the court.

People can consult a lawyer if a neighbour or someone else has taken down their woods. There are certain rules to take down the big plantation is your private property too but again that depends from country to country.

General laws regarding cutting a tree down

To save you from any confusions, in this article we are talking about cutting the big trees down from their root and not taking the small branches out to decorate your Christmas trees or your garden. The basic rules for taking down the trees are pretty much the same in America and most of the European countries.

In most of the places, a person needs permission from the law to cut down the woods in their own premises. If a person does the same in your garden, it is outside of the laws and you can sue the person with help of a lawyer You can also seek legal help against a person who has damaged trees in a public place without the consent of the Government. Below is a guide on what actions can be taken against such offence and how will that help you

Consult a lawyer

Legal help is advisable in case a person commences an offence of taking down the tree illegally. Often, the cases of cutting wood using a log splitter for sale are seen. You can register a complaint at the Department of Environment. A case will be registered on your request and studies will follow.

You can reach the courts using the help of Lawyers. A person who is found guilty of illegal wood splitting will be sued and punished. However, if your neighbour’s tree branches are hanging in your property, you can trim it after informing the property owner.

Legally taking a tree down

If you need to cut down a tree, you’ll have to inform the concerned authorities and wait for the approval from them. A written application is needed regarding your concern and explaining why you need to take the trees down.

Once approval from the law is passed, written permission is sent to you Keeping in mind the parameters that the law suggest, you can then cut the tree.

The recovery for your property

If you have sued someone or you’ve been sued by someone for a tree offence, there are some parameters that decide the punishment. Generally, an amount equal to the tree and mental anguish is paid. After the lawyer has successfully taken your concern to the court. Once found guilty, a person is bound to pay the sum total for the damage tree and for aesthetic loss of the property. The criminal might also have to pay a fine to the court for the offence.

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