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We are also welcoming donors and volunteers with expertise in the legal sphere

Public Interest Lawyers (PIL)


Our work revolves around finding solutions that can improve fairness in the United Kingdom legal system. In that capacity, we work with several legal agencies as well as not-for-profit organizations to identify issues in that system. We also recognize solicitors offering pro bono services to deserving individuals.


If you think that you have been discriminated against in the legal system, you can contact us. We will clarify some of the legal issues and help you in drafting a new case. We are also able to help people understand new constitutional articles and how they affect them. By doing this, we level the playing field between small businesses and large businesses.


If you are a charitable organization offering legal services, you are welcome to partner with us. We are also welcoming donors and volunteers with expertise in the legal sphere. By working with us, you will be helping to create a fair and accessible legal system for all people in the UK. You can also help us to contact lawmakers who can help in improving the law. We will also be very glad if you joined us in some of our demonstrations and protests on the streets.





Successful Years

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As the knowledge of our services spread, our work became national and then grew to an international level. That exposed us to a wide range of cases that seasoned and helped diversify our proficiency. It even includes one that arose from alleged unlawful actions of an African multinational. Nevertheless, it didn't stop us from taking on local clients, and that necessitated team growth.