General Queries

Not-for-profit organizations are similar to charities, but some of them don't receive tax benefits. If a company reinvests its profits, it is not considered a charitable organization. Consequently, it cannot receive special tax treatment.

Our not-for-profit organization has been insured to protect the assets and resources of our beneficiaries and donors. In particular, the insurance covers against reputation, money, and possession losses.

Our legal experts advised us to take public liability insurance because it enables us to fundraise easily. It also covers any liability suffered by any person defending us in court. If a person suffers from bodily injury during helping us improve the legal system in the United Kingdom, they will be compensated by our insurance provider.


If you volunteer with us, you will be covered by our liability insurance. As a result, you can receive up to £5 million in damages. This is in addition to any other damages that the court may award to you. We have displayed our insurance certificate at our offices for everybody to see.

Because we are operating on strained resources, we can't provide services to every person. Instead, we prefer to help those people who are in dire need. If you can prove that you don't have enough money to hire competent legal services, we will pay for your expert solicitor.