Lawyers buy: Porshe Tower Miami(map,geometry and transport)

The Porsche Tower Miami is an amazing and unique sixty storey building in several respects especially in geometry and transport. The building is located on the map of Florida in Sunny Isles Beach which is a famous place in Florida’s real estate market. The porsche condo miami has several unique features among which are:

1. Robotic car lift transport directly to a private sky garage:
One of the unique features of the porsche condo miami is its robotic car lift transport, which allows all residents to have a sky garage. Residents’ cars are moved to the sky garage several meters above ground by means of a Dezervator. A porshe condo miami owner can park up to nine cars in the car garage, there is an option for an extra car parking space for an added purchase price. However, the pent house condo can only park four cars but comes with 2 private pools.

2. Ocean front ballroom with kitchen for hosting events:
Another feature of the porsche condo miami is the ocean front ballroom and kitchen for hosting events. The ocean front ballroom is made of transparent material and will give guests unhindered view of the ocean. This ballroom also has a kitchen where food for guests can be prepared.

3. Ocean front fitness center and health spa:
The porsche condo miami has an ocean front fitness center and health spa for residents to breathe in the fresh cool air from the ocean while working out in the morning. This helps residents feel more refreshed and energetic.

4. Multipurpose clubroom equipped with stadium seating theater:
Another feature of the Porsche Tower Miami is the multipurpose clubroom equipped with a stadium seating theater for the viewing pleasure of residents and their guests. This is a viewing theater like no other.

5. Large Pool on the ground floor:
Just steps away from the beach, the Porsche Tower Miami has a large swimming pool that can accommodate several swimmers swimming simultaneously. The aim of the swimming pool is to accommodate the interest of people who will prefer the safety of artificial water than swimming in the ocean.

6. Lobby level restaurant enclosed with glass for each residence:
The porsche condo miami tower has a lobby level restaurant enclosed with glass for each residence. This restaurant offers a clear view of the ocean and allows residents and their guests to have a unique and memorable dining experience.

7. Private Elevator transport that opens directly into the residence:
Another great feature of the porsche condo miami tower is the availability of private elevators that opens directly in the condo of each residence. This makes mobility very easy and quick as residents can move from the bottom floor to their condos above in a matter of seconds.

8. Floor to ceiling windows geomerty optimizing views:
The porsche condo miami tower has floor to ceiling windows geometry all through the building which optimizes the views of residents and their visitors alike. This building gives you a great view of the city aside the great view of the ocean and beach.

9. Game room with virtual car race simulator:
The porsche condo miami tower is all about cars. This is why the building has a game room which uses advanced technology for car race simulation. This allows residents to participate in car racing games of their choices depending on their various skill levels.

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