Public Law

 At PIL, we help individuals, community groups and non-governmental organizations hold the government to account by means of judicial review. Governmental decisions, actions, omissions, and policies are subject to the constraints and duties imposed by administrative law. Where a public authority- from a local council to an organ of central government- fails to act in accordance with the law, it can be challenged. Our experienced team is able to take on a wide range of public law cases where the actions for which the government was responsible occurred on home or foreign soil.


Human Rights Law

 PIL, over the past few years, has acted in numerous cases that have arisen as a result of acts committed both in the UK and in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda to name a few. Our experienced team is able to take on a wide range of human rights cases and the work of PIL has undoubtedly developed the law in this area. We have taken a number of complex cases involving single individuals as well as those involving an extremely large number of claimants. A few examples of PIL cases where the law has been developed are below.


International Law

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